Case History

Some Embedded technology examples implemented:

    1. Automotive Architectural analysis: Infotainment Audio/Tuning module.
      Client: Magneti Marelli Spa.

      As part of a long and established consultant activity with Spa Magneti Marelli Electronic Systems, a series of modules have been analyzed and implemented in a complex system of Infotainment OS VxWorks and Linux, from this activities we highlight: Architectural study and analysis of requirements for the module Audio and Tuning: our consultants with excellent technical skills and English language mastery, participating in thematic workshops, meet with the end customer, Car Macher benchmark for innovation and technological research for the study of the functional requirements and specifications.

      For this activity were adopted, among others, the following software work management: ClearCase, Git, Enterprise Architect, Doors.

    2. Home Automation software
      Client: Company in Domotics field.

      Our embedded technology experts have participated in a development team to create a product for Home Automation on a ARM9 and Linux OS platform.
      In a first phase our task was to develop the middleware layer of communication between actuators of the automation system and the user interface. In a second phase we dealt with the software configuration system and case scenarios.

      The developed software was designed in C++ technology on Embedded Linux.

    3. Helpline software
      Client: Company in Domotics field.

      Implementation of a program for data acquisition and streaming of audio and video. The software is composed by two elements: the first one deals with acquiring information through audio and video devices on Linux Embedded, processes the data and sends it to a remote monitoring station, and the second element is responsible for acquiring data and managing alarms and outputting audio/video information. Communication between the systems takes place both on Internet and GSM. 

      Software technology is developed in MS Visual C + +, and C on Linux OS for Embedded modules.

    4. Production management via RFID
      Client: Linea Donna, high fashion clothing production company.

      Implementation of a complex system of production monitoring for groups of competence. Each semifinished product is equipped with a RFID tag and pre-programmed with worker identification. With the transition from one process to another the system identifies the item and keeps track of the time, storing information on a data-warehouse, from which global production and specific location reports are extrapolated. RFID terminal provides some simple messages to the operator such as average production time, order processing, …  

      At the hardware level RFID readers were developed based on proprietary electronics, and installed on an OS XP Embedded and application is written in .Net (C#), MySQL and MS SQL Server DB.