Skills. Le nostre conoscenze tecniche

Inside ZIRAK Engineering, while developing solutions for embedded systems, we aquired different skills that allow us to implement complete solutions independently:

  • study the architecture of the system
  • drivers implementation
  • development of middleware layer
  • construction of the graphical interface (GUI, HMI)

The knowledge and the technologies used are various. Below, a list of examples:

  • OS
  • Vxworks, Linux embedded, Win CE, XP embedded
  • Programming Languages (Assembly, C, C++)
  • Graphic Libraries (QT, QT embedded, …)

Modules and sub-systems implemented:

  • Automotive Networking: Network interface of CAN / D-BUS systems of internal control and infotainment, with the outside world via HTTP, Bluetooth, WiFi, …
  • Automotive Bluetooth: study of stack and implementation of related functionalities.
  • Internet: cross-compilation and customization of internet engines such as WebKit
  • Security: code integrity and firewalling…
  • Monitoring: data acquisition from sensors for video surveillance.
  • Database: design and optimization of relational DB like SQLite
  • RFID: study and implementation of complex systems in radio-frequency (HF, UHF, NFC)