RFID/NFC Products

A family of solutions for access control

The access control solutions are hardware and software systems that allow the opening of doors / gates only after the user has been identified and it has been verified the access authorization.

Among the various approaches to access control (identification with keyboard, with magnetic card, biometric data), RFID-based solutions can combine high reliability, high flexibility and ease of use at an affordable price.

Users are given a card (or a sticker affixed to cards already in use), and they will only have to near it to the reader to get the authorization.

A central system will allow you to define the whitelist (list of authorized cards) according to the port, the time, the company …

OPEN family offers three packages of product based on RFID in HF:

  • OPEN EASY: Able to handle up to 60 cards, Easy Open is the economical solution suitable for those who update the white list and download transactions occasionally. Today OpenEasy is also controllable by smartphone via bluetooth
  • OPEN LIGHT: Open Light is the entry level solution for a real-time centralized system. Manages up to 10 ports thanks to an embedded PC accessible via HTTP.
  • OPEN ALL: Capable of handling a significant number of doors, Open All offers functionality for all major requirements, the coexistence of several companies to connect multiple sites.

The system provides the operator accurate reporting on the access history.

The high degree of modularity and flexibility of the system allows to create easily architectures and adapt for any complex needs.

Infine, i prodotti della famiglia OPEN sono facilmente integrabili con i sistemi di allarme / videosorveglianza, ad esempio per inibire l’apertura quando l’allarme è inserito.

Finally, OPEN family of products can be easily integrated with alarm systems / video surveillance, for example, to inhibit the opening when the alarm is armed.

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