RFID products

Production Progress Control with RFID

CAPTAG is an innovative solution from Zirak Engineering based on RFID terminal for control and production progress.

Thanks to the technology of radio frequencies, the system is able to automatically recognize components, semi-finished parts, workstations and operators automating data collection operations, without any interferance to the work operations.

This solution has been studied in order to automate and optimize the data collection on processing time, while providing valuable information to the operator video, eg. the contract / model you are working on, the average time of processing, some production details etc. …

Il sistema si compone di una parte server Data Warehouse che, oltre ad immagazzinare tutti i dati provenienti dalle postazioni, si compone di un’area dedicata alla produzione di statistiche e grafici sull’andamento della produzione, globali e per singola postazione.

The system is composed of a data warehouse server that, in addition to store all data coming from the sensors, produces statistics and charts on production, global and single location.

The system consists of TAGs and RFID readers.
The TAGs may be of various forms and materials depending on the type of machinery to be monitored or the environment where the work is being performed, and readers are workstations that are used to read the TAGs and display information to the operator.
The programming tags are reusable and their programming is done in a simple and easy to use software.

There is also the possibility to further integrate this system into the internal management software for a better syncronization.




Cost Control


Fewer errors with complete access to information.

Balancing of production lines in real time

Traceability in terms of components, semi-finished, terminals and operators.

Actual and timely production data

Ability to accurately determine the actual cost of each job

Ability to define systems of incentives on actual data production

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