Case History. A quick overview.


Here are some examples of applications for Mobile smartphones and tablets:

  1. Mobile platform for digital voice services.
    Client: Multinational in telecom industry.

    Implementation of a mobile multi-platform (Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Win Phone7/Win8) management service offered to business clients.The application is being developed and it is not possible to disclose further details.

    Software development based on the following technology: Android  – Java, iOS 4/5 – Objective-C, RIM BB – Java, Win Phone/Win8 – C #.

  2. iPod application for industrial purposes.
    Client: Multinational in industrial automation sector.

    The application for iOS has the functionality of interfacing, monitoring and control of the embedded equipment used in industrial environment for quality control.
    Thanks to the screen and the convenience (portability) of the device, the user experience is excellent.
    The software communicates over TCP through a proprietary protocol with industrial machinery and the central server is responsible for driving the embedded device, to display the collected data in graphical mode, to provide statistics on tracking the work done.Data is exchanged securely through SSL encryption with private key.

    Software written in Objective-C for iOS3. 

  3. Android / iOS application “InfoCar Web2
    Client: Editoriale Domus Spa

    The project consisted on porting and extending software Car Info Web for Android and iOS, useful for calculating resale value.
    The application is equipped with a recognition algorithm (ANPR), that allows,using the camera, to acquire vehicle’s license plate, needed to query the database of the customer. The user interface has been optimized for use on a smartphone device.

    Software written in Java-Android / Objective-C

  4. Application “Domenica Quiz
    Client: RCS MediaGroup Spa

    Implementation of the iPhone / iPad application on behalf of the Dominica Quiz magazine of RCS group.
    The application allows you to load and play games such as crossword, sudoku, …
    The user purchases through In App Purchase subscriptions monthly, semi-annual to “digital magazine”.
    The application also makes use of push notifications to communicate with users, and has integrated framework “Game Center” to allow users to compete against each other and see their rankings.
    The update of the games takes place by the editorial staff of the magazine by loading corresponding XML files on a dedicated CMS (developed by Zirak WebSolutions) and the subsequent download of such mobile devices via API to communicate with the server.
    The same module was integrated in the daily newspaper Corriere Mobile for the play area of ​​the newspaper.

    Application developed with technology Objective-C on IOS4, CMS in LAMP technology.
    Started porting the application for Win Phone 7