Skills. Technological expertise.

Zirak Mobile is responsible for:

  • study optimal architecture and infrastructure according to the project (native code, multi-platform, hybrid),
  • development of integration with external CMS systems,
  • database implementation and optimization,
  • study and implementation of graphical interface,
  • publication on the store / market,
  • implementation of top-level mobile marketing

The knowledge and the technologies used are numerous, here is a list of examples:

  • Objetive-C – iOS
  • Java – Android
  • Java – RIM / BlackBerry
  • And. NET Silverlight – Win Phone / Win8
  • Java and C – Nokia / Symbian
  • C – Bada
  • Multi-platform – HTML5, Marmelade, C++

In collaboration with the WebSolutions Department, Zirak Mobile produces integrated client/server systems (or API) to interact with Internet portals, remote databases, or data processing online.

The Embedded and Software departments support the development of specific requirements, such as mathematical algorithms, simulations, 3D graphics and 2D augmented reality and other advanced functionalities.

Some examples of modules and algorithms implemented:

  • ANPR: multi-platform implementation of algorithms APNR / OCR for processing images (license plates) to strings.
  • Images: manipulation and image enhancement.
  • NFC: the deployment of applications through the use of NFC transforms your smartphone into RFID tags for access control.
  • Augmented reality: realization of modules of augmented reality with the use of the camera system.
  • Push notifications: for real-time communication with the user also when application is closed.