Case History

Here are some examples of the WebSolution department projects:

  1. Insurance Platform
    Client: Leading insurance society in Turin

    Participation in a development team of the company for the implementation of a program for managing insurance policies and procedures for online estimations.

    Technology used JAVA (J2EE) on IBM WebSphere and DB2 Database

  2. HTML5 Platform
    Client: Editorial Domus Spa

    Creation of an application for iPad and Android Tablet in HTML5 for publishing news, comments, fotogalleries and movies by leading magazine of the automotive industry.
    The application connects to the customer’s XML feed and paginates in an attractive and highly dynamic GUI. The application is hosted on Zirak servers.

    Technology used: PHP, HTML5

  3. CRM Software House
    Client: Edilclima Ltd.

    Implementation of the institutional website with various interactive tools such as loading and viewing the catalog, publication of various types of information – News, FAQ, …
    Implementation of the management module of customers and their software park, with the opportunity to separate the different types of software updates for each accredited client, allowing automatic download.

    Implementation and Configuration LAMP server in Housing.
    Technology: Linux, PHP, MySQL.

  4. Competition YSL portal

    Implementation of the YSL contest for cosmetic products. The competition requires the registration of participants and automatically produces a PDF coupon with a unique barcode.
    At the end of the process, the participants are invited to log in to the site to answer a series of questions.
    The project is hosted on Zirak servers and uploaded to the portal through iframes.
    Using a CMS, the editorial staff can view the progress of the competition.

    Technology: Linux, PHP, MySQL, open source PDF library.

  5. WEB and PDF catalog
    Client: Federal Mogul Operations Italy Srl –

    Official site of the Ferodo Racing, a brand of the multinational Federal-Mogul Corporation, a company specializing in the production of brake pads for the world of racing.
    The site consists of an institutional part following a style completely homogeneous with the main house and a part of dynamic services, manageable by the client through an online interface. This part consists on generating online catalogs and also exporting them on PDF format, allowing the client to save in printing costs and to have up to date catalogs in paper without much expenses.

    Technology: Linux, PHP, MySQL, DB2 Connect.

  6. E-commerce site
    Client: Big Holiday SPA –

    Official site of the Big Holiday Spa, leading company in the world of marketing of products for the Plain Air.
    The site consists of several parts including:

    1. The area of ​​e-commerce with the possibility logging as retailers to access dedicated lists, transactions can also be made by accessing payment systems for secure payments with credit card. The catalog is updated directly from the AS400 system of the customer.

    2. The area reserved for accredited customers with the possibility to enter custom information such as deadlines, agreements, notices, invoices, and other documentation.

    3. The area dedicated to the presentation of the products from the company with the possibility to manage the presentation of new products, promotions, news, and all the initiatives of the group.

    The portal was implemented with an advanced feature that allows the customer to independently manage all pages of the site through a simple online web editor with ability to format the text, insert images and files.
    Creation of a private forum for the sharing of documents and messaging group.

    Technology: Linux, PHP, MySQL, open source PDF library.

  7. Collaborative Software
    Client: Silva Team Spa –

    Development of a collaborative software with the following features:

    - User management and access permissions to the intranet (eg, managers, users in January Erici) with different priorities and options for displaying data (by function, geographic area, type of customer, …)

    - Task management of the authorized users on the intranet by sending private/shared messages, uploading sales reports and travel, sharing of technical and commercial documentation, sharing on-line calendar of events, creation and download of technical reports translated into several languages ​​automatically and in real time.

    - The software should be usable by all offices of the client on any part of the world, which is why it was chosen to be implemented over web. Also there is the possibility to synchronize data between client and server so that the user can browse through the archive and load data off-line.

    Technology: Linux, PHP, MySQL.