Solutions. Areas of intervention

ZIRAK IT develops solutions in the field of Information Technology, from complete products to consultancy.

In the case of complete products or modular solutions, after an exaustive analysis defined and eventually developed together with the customer, ZIRAK IT will complete the project under its own responsibility, with its own methodologies and technologies.

In the case of consultancy ZIRAK IT provides the professional resources that, both in terms of experience and technical knowledge, are appropriate to the project that the customer intends to develop, resources that may be of high-level like analysts, architects, project managers, or developers with different levels of experience.
In this case the customer has the full responsibility on the project progress, and may at any time decide to alter its priorities and/or functionalities; this type of contract typically provides that Zirak IT consultants are located on the customer’s premises.

It may be useful to create dedicated teams that comprehend various skilled professionals, dedicated to the project in varying proportions and located partly at the client and partly at Zirak IT headquarters, to maximise flexibility and minimize costs.

The geographical scope is not defined a priori, our company can work wherever we can develop interesting projects compatible with our expertise.

ZIRAK IT has already developed expertise verticalized in the following economic sectors:

  • Automotive
  • Publishing
  • Digital TV
  • Financial sector
  • Digital voice
  • GDO (mass distribution)
  • Training