Mobile. Smartphone and Tablet apps

One of the higher growth ICT areas is the sector of mobile applications.

In 2008 Zirak IT has set up a corporate department specialized in smartphones and tablets applications analysis, manufacturing and marketing.

Zirak Mobile develops internal and third parties apps both in native code for all major smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android, Win8, RIM, Bada) and in cross-platform HTML5 / hybrid (middleware in native code or C++ and user interface in HTML5)

The apps developed are very wide in scope, going from entertainment, tools for professionals, up to systems of photo-editing, geo-location and augmented reality.

In addition, one of the activities of the department is the publication of apps on the specific stores/markets following all the process. One of our strengths is to associate the development with an effective mobile-marketing to make the general public aware and enthusiastic for the deployed apps.

Of great interest is the development of industrial and enterprise solutions, making enterprise systems even more usable from the field and providing a better user-experience of the industrial processes.

A transversal competence in collaboration with ZIRAK WebSolutions consists in optimizing websites/webapps for mobile users.